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The company was founded in 1983. In the beginning we were mainly selling and installing safes, safe deposit boxes and vaults. Soon we widened our scope, aiming to create new and innovative security systems.

In 1985 the introduction of electro mechanic safes increased our number of customers. Mastandrea expanded outside Italy with the ambition to be very dynamic and to continuously develop as new challenges arise.

The company specialized in security of mechanical devices with electronic control systems. In beginning of the 90: ies we entered in two new fields; surveillance cameras and access control. In this way Mastandrea became a company that could provide solutions for all security requirements.

In 1998 we became part of Goss Italia (management, organization, safety services) a consortium that promotes research and application of high quality safety devices.

Nowadays Mastandrea is a company that is respected and recognized on both national and international level. Our 1.000 m2 main centre is located in the south of Italy.

From there we coordinate our highly specialized technicians. They operate anywhere required. Within shortly another 1.000 m2 building will be ready for development & storage purposes.

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